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News: Heartbeat


This is just for our concerned visitors, that keep showing up on the IRC: Yes, we're still alive and we're preparing 0.2.9 (beside some other changes).
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News: MAXR 0.2.8 Release

MAXR 0.2.8 Release

We're happy to announce MAXR 0.2.8 with many new features and bugfixes.

1. Releases

AmigaOS Amiga OS4 (lha) -- No (not yet) Question maxr-0.2.4 No (not yet)
Mac OSX >= 10.4 (dmg) Yes maxr-0.2.8 -- -- --
Tux Source (tar.gz) Yes maxr-0.2.8
Yes resinstaller-0.8
-- -- --
Windows Windows (exe) -- Yes maxr-0.2.8 -- No (not yet)

Your download isn't on this list? Check downloads. If it is not there you may help us and create the missing package!


      Package manual.pdf
      Search Frequently Asked Questions
      Tux Windows Installation (may be aged - see INSTALL instead)
      Tux Windows Building (may be aged - see BUILDING instead)


Due many changes we recommand a fresh install of MAXR especially when you make use of the resinstaller. Some game resources changed and if you e.g. don't have sound any more you know that you have to rerun resinstaller 0.8.


If maxr fails to start maxr.log is a good place to start. If you're stucked it might be a good idea to take a look at the manual. Please report crashes, bugs, odd behaviors or differences to the original game on the Bugtracker (login with your forum account and your password).

Hint: Drop by on the IRC to find other players. There is no game lobby or some sort of master server. MAXR is a standalone application and you have to find other players the old way. Ask your friends, on the irc or even on the bbs. Remember about timezones when you party.

Make sure to check the manual for hotkeys and ingame commands.

Job offer: You got some free time and want to get involved? Waste precious leisure time without getting money for it? We're still looking for translators, testers, sound artists, packager for various distros and especially an amiga porter! Just report on the bbs or on the irc or send us a mail/postcard Smiling

Quote by ChangeLog:

Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded 0.2.8
-implemented reaction fire
-Implemented "statistics" feature
-implemented missing voice messages
-implemented multiple planes per field
-implement save/load of disabled turns and "wasWorking" for buildings
-implemented Shift+Done shortcut
-vehicles can not drive onto mines anymore
-set ability to detect mines to mine layer and sea mine layer
-rightClick in miniMap for setting paths now works
-fixed upgrade costs for "Rocketlauncher, attack, Clan Ayer's Hand". Thanks to nonsinn for researching the missing values!
-fixed behavior of Prev, Next and Done Button
-fixed resource allocation when adding or removing buildings
-fixed crash, when disabling vehicles with an infiltrator
-fixed non original infiltrator behavior
-fixed many bugs in the reports menu
-fixed non original behavior of stealth vehicles
-tons of bugs and crashes fixed

For a full list of changes use the following SVN command:

svn log -r 2785:2367 svn://

Many many thanks to all the coders, artists, svn players, packagers that made this release possible Respect

If you like this project please donate!
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News: MAXR 200 Turns Anniversary

MAXR 200 Turns Anniversary

Sal decided to lit a candle for the two hundredth crash free turn anniversary. That makes several hours of battling with other opponents over the net without a single crash. The match is still going on but the players decided to take a break to catch some Zs late at night. MAXR is half the way there to knock at the magic 400 turns barrier that usually was about the maximum limit for MAX in it's own days.

Thanks to our real hard gaming debug crew on the IRC looking to bring up any show stopper (be)for the upcoming 0.2.8 release Respect
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News: "Staycation" promo

"Staycation" promo - Interplay Games are 50% off on GOG[1] until July 4th

In case you didn't notice yet: GOG[1] is on a "Staycation" promo. If you don't own your legal copy of MAX yet this is your chance to obtain MAX + MAX2 for only 2,99$ uncut (means you get the amazing intro video and some other missing stuff from the abadon version as well that our resinstaller can make use of in MAXR). Oh yeah, we usually don't advertise but this is a unique chance for you to get the original MAX legal and cheap too (if you don't mind the included garbage called MAX2 of course). Thank you Dauss for keeping us posted!

[1] Please notice that GOG is a company that has about zero to do with the MAXR project. If you want to support MAXR you can make use of the Donate button.
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