Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded


You'll need to have these libraries with equivalent devel versions and/or headers to build M.A.X.R.:

  • libsdl1.2
  • libsdl-mixer1.2 (with Vorbis support)
  • libsdl-net

  • SDL libraries can be found at

    Due the copyright we are not allowed to provide any game content from the original Mechanized Assault and Exploration (c) 1996 Interplay

    If you do own an original Mechanized Assault & Exploration CD (c) 1996 Interplay or if you downloaded the original game from cdosabandonware you can however make use of the tool "resinstaller" and extract the original gfx automagically from your existing max.res

    Resinstaller also takes care of sounds, videos, maps and music.

    The tool can be found on our website and easily installs and converts the needed data for you. Please check the bbs at for more informations.

    If you don't own an original maxcd but you want to play with the original look'n'feel you've another chance in downloading Mechanized Assault and eXploration from since you won't find any gamecds from this any more on stores - too old. This version is however lacking some files like videos, music and some sounds.

    Warning: Resinstaller will overwrite existing graphics. If you want to keep existing free graphics for some reasons *backup* the folders fx, gfx, vehicles and buildings. It's save to copy the files back after the resinstaller has done it's magic.


    HowTo: Building maxr using Visual Studio 2010 (English)

    HowTo: Building maxr using MinGW (English, aged)

    If MAXR does not start please check the freshly created maxr.log in the game folder for errors.


    Obtain the tarball for linux (svn or release) from here.

    The .tar.gz file is distributed with a working set of configure and makefiles. They are in the SVN repository under src/mk/linux.

    First untar the package:

    $ tar xfzv maxr-x.y.z.tar.gz

    Then change to the new directory:

    $ cd maxr-x.y.z

    Set up the Makefiles and create the configure scripts:

    $ ./configure

    If everything went well you should now be able to run make.

    $ make install

    Compiles the maxr binary and installs it along with the game data to the default prefix which is probably /usr/local.

    Use make DESTDIR=/foo/bar install to make use of destdir.

    Hint: To override the data path set MAXRDATA e.g.:

    $ MAXRDATA=~/maxr-x.y.z/data ~/maxr-x.y.z/src/maxr

    Build from SVN (subversion)

    HowTo: Building maxr using kdevelop (English)

    AutoDo: Beko maintains a bash script that sets up a complete build environment, downloads the source and data from SVN and attempts to build the project. It's just a collection of crude hacks but takes care of everything automagically. Perfect for players that want to join test games on the IRC without all the console stuff. Get the script from here and read it carefully before executing!

    Generic building from SVN:

    The .tar.gz file is distributed with a working set of configure and makefiles. They are in the SVN repository under src/mk/linux. Consequently, if you are building from SVN, you will have to set up these files on your own, or configure a new c++/sdl project in the IDE of your choice or simply use the SVN package from here. To do so first untar the package:

    $ tar xfzv maxr-x.y.z-svn.tar.gz

    Then change to the new directory:

    $ cd maxr-x.y.z-svn

    Before you set up your Makefiles as described above delete the old sources and checkout the lastest snapshot directly from svn:

    $ cd src
    $ rm *.cpp *.c *.h
    $ svn co svn:// ./
    $ cd ../

    Now you are ready to follow the guide from above with the latest svn version ready.


    Compilation problems on ppc/youroddcpuhere:

    Not supported yet, sorry. May work. May not.

    Compilation problems:

    If you compile from source and get errors about mix_chunk try upgrading your SDL and SDL_mixer installation. We experienced this problems on SDL_mixer prior 1.2.8.


    Ignore. We are aware of the most of them.

    Known Bugs:

    Many. There is no AI! This is one of the first releases featuring network games using TCP/IP. Expect and report crashes (with backtrace if possible) and odd behaivors. Some features that may have worked in prior releases are disabled. For more known and/or fixed bugs please visit our bugtracker!

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