Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded

M.A.X.R. Ground Supply Units

Armored Personnel Carrier
Fast armored vehicle to transport infantry and infiltrators. The APC can move slowly underwater as well as on land. Only enemy corvettes can detect an APC moving under water.
CargoCosts12 HitpointsHitpoints24 SpeedSpeed10
ScanScan4 ArmorArmor4   

Vehicle for clearing rubble and demolishing buildings. Bulldozers can scavenge material from debris.
CargoCargo15 HitpointsHitpoints14 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor4 CargoCosts30

Large construction vehicle for creating large buildings, such as mines and factories. A constructor consumes two materials per turn while operating.
CargoConsumes: HitpointsHitpoints24 CargoCargo60
2 (each turn) ScanScan3 ArmorArmor6
SpeedSpeed6 CargoCosts24

Mine Layer
Minelayers are specialized construction vehicles which place, detect, and remove mines. Minelayers convert onboard raw materials into mines. They can also remove those mines later and convert them back into materials. They cannot remove enemy minefields - those must be exploded with gunfire and rockets.
CargoCargo16 HitpointsHitpoints24 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan4 ArmorArmor4 CargoCosts9

Small construction vehicle for creating small buildings and stationary weapons.
CargoConsumes: HitpointsHitpoints14 CargoCargo40
2 (each turn) ScanScan3 ArmorArmor4
SpeedSpeed6 CargoCosts18

Repair Unit
Light vehicle which can rapidly repair ground units and buildings. Repairs require materials. The more extensive the damage, the more materials the repair requires. Depots, docks, hangars and barracks can also repair units.
CargoCargo30 HitpointsHitpoints20 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor4 CargoCosts15

Mobile radar platform. Slower and more expensive than a scout, but with a better scan range. A scanner is an excellent way to spot targets for very long ranged units like missile crawlers.
CargoCosts12 HitpointsHitpoints24 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan14 ArmorArmor4   

Light, amphibious vehicle with sophisticated sensors for detecting underground minerals and enemy mines. Unlike most amphibious units, surveyors are just as fast on water an on land.
CargoCosts9 HitpointsHitpoints16 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor4   

Gold Truck
Unit for moving gold ore from one location to another.
CargoCargo50 HitpointsHitpoints24 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor4 CargoCosts12

Supply Truck
Truck for hauling raw materials. Useful for resupplying engineers and constructors, and for supplying combat units with new ammunition.
CargoCargo50 HitpointsHitpoints24 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor4 CargoCosts12

Fuel Truck
Unit for moving fuel from one location to another.
CargoCargo50 HitpointsHitpoints20 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor4 CargoCosts12

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