Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded

M.A.X.R. Ground Warfare Units

Assault Gun
Lightly armored vehicle with a long range gun firing high-explosive shells. Fast and effective on the attack, but fragile.
AttackAttack18 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition14
ShotsShots2 ScanScan5 ArmorArmor4
RangeRange6 SpeedSpeed12 CargoCosts24

Rocket Launcher
Lightly armored vehicle firing medium-range rockets which affect all units within 2 squares of the target. Most effective against groups of enemy units.
AttackAttack17 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition16
ShotsShots2 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor4
RangeRange8 SpeedSpeed6 CargoCosts24

Missile Crawler
Missile launcher on an lightly armored chassis. This mobile launcher is slightly less sturdy than the stationary version, and requires more material to build. However, the ability to move makes it much more flexible.
AttackAttack22 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition6
ShotsShots1 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor4
RangeRange10 SpeedSpeed6 CargoCosts36

Mobile Anti Aircraft
Light, fast vehicle with a rapid fire cannon for shooting down enemy planes. Mobile anti aircraft are generally defensive units, because they aren't as fast as planes, and can't move while firing. Use them to protect an area once your fighters have chased away enemy ground attack planes.
AttackAttack22 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition10
ShotsShots1 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor4
RangeRange7 SpeedSpeed7 CargoCosts18

High speed scouting vehicle for exploration and spotting enemy units. Can cross water without a bridge, but is faster an land. Very fast and good scan range, but much weaker than most combat units.
AttackAttack12 HitpointsHitpoints16 MunitionMunition10
ShotsShots1 ScanScan9 ArmorArmor4
RangeRange3 SpeedSpeed12 CargoCosts9

Heavily armored fighting vehicle. Best used in the frontline to prevent enemy units from reaching lightly-armored support units such as assult guns and rocket launchers.
AttackAttack16 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition14
ShotsShots2 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor10
RangeRange4 SpeedSpeed6 CargoCosts12

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