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M.A.X.R. Sea Warfare Units

High speed boat with torpedo tubes and sonar. Corvettes can attack any sea unit, but their real strength is their ability to spot and attack submarines.
AttackAttack14 HitpointsHitpoints32 MunitionMunition14
ShotsShots2 ScanScan5 ArmorArmor6
RangeRange5 SpeedSpeed9 CargoCosts18

High speed boat with good radar and rapid fire anti aircraft cannon. Escorts are the eyes of a fleet, and a fleet's protection from planes.
AttackAttack22 HitpointsHitpoints32 MunitionMunition24
ShotsShots1 ScanScan9 ArmorArmor6
RangeRange7 SpeedSpeed9 CargoCosts18

Heavily armored ship with a high caliber, medium range cannon. Excellent at destroying other ships and bombing shore targets.
AttackAttack20 HitpointsHitpoints32 MunitionMunition14
ShotsShots2 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor12
RangeRange7 SpeedSpeed7 CargoCosts24

Missile Cruiser
Ship mounted missile launcher. Excellent range, high attack strength, and medium armor makes this a powerful unit.
AttackAttack28 HitpointsHitpoints28 MunitionMunition10
ShotsShots1 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor6
RangeRange11 SpeedSpeed7 CargoCosts33

Lurking beneath the surface, submarines can sneak close to the enemy to fire their powerful torpedoes. Submarines do not carry active sonar, which might reveal their positions. Only corvettes can spot a submarine before it fires. Only submarines, corvettes, and ground attack planes can attack them.
AttackAttack24 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition16
ShotsShots2 ScanScan6 ArmorArmor2
RangeRange4 SpeedSpeed7 CargoCosts18

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