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M.A.X.R. Air Warfare Units

Ground Attack Plane
A heavier plane carrying a full load of air to ground missiles. Ground Attack Planes are expensive, but the advantages are worth the cost. Their great speed lets them reach any trouble spot quickly, and once they arrive, only fighters and antiaircraft can defend against them.
AttackAttack18 HitpointsHitpoints18 MunitionMunition12
ShotsShots2 ScanScan5 ArmorArmor4
RangeRange4 SpeedSpeed18 CargoCosts30

Fast but fragile aircraft carrying a limited number of air-to-air missiles. Fighters are the best way to drive enemy planes out an area, and to defend a moving force. Ground based anti aircraft is a better choice for defending a fixed area.
AttackAttack16 HitpointsHitpoints12 MunitionMunition4
ShotsShots1 ScanScan5 ArmorArmor4
RangeRange5 SpeedSpeed24 CargoCosts24

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