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M.A.X.R. Sea Supply Units

Cargo Ship
Ships for hauling raw material. Useful for resupplying pioneers and sea combat units with new ammunition.
CargoCargo30 HitpointsHitpoints32 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor12 CargoCosts12

Sea Mine Layer
Seaborne version of the minelayer. Like its land based counterpart, the sea minelayer can manufracture mines, detect them, and convert them back into raw material.
CargoCargo16 HitpointsHitpoints28 SpeedSpeed9
ScanScan4 ArmorArmor8 CargoCosts18

Sea Transport
Heavily armored ship with space to carry up to six land units. Sea transports are much slower than air transports, but also much more likely to survive an enemy attack.
CargoCosts12 HitpointsHitpoints32 SpeedSpeed7
ScanScan3 ArmorArmor12   

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