Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded


Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded

1. Releases

Yes available
No not yet (help us!)
Question aged, needs update (help us!)

AmigaOS Amiga OS4 (lha) -- No (not yet) Question maxr-0.2.4 No (not yet)
Mac OSX >= 10.4 (dmg) Yes maxr-0.2.8 -- -- --
Tux Source (tar.gz) Yes maxr-0.2.11
Yes resinstaller-0.2.9
-- -- Yes maxr-0.2.9
Yes resinstaller-0.2.9
Windows Windows (exe) -- Yes maxr-0.2.11 -- No (not yet)

2. Manual

   Question manual.pdf manual for maxr as pdf

Mechanized Assault and Exploration (original M.A.X. © Interplay 1996)

1. Patches

Windows This patch is for the original M.A.X. by Interplay from 1996 and pushes your regular store version to 1.04. The patch improves AI and fixed a bunch of problems like frozen clock during turnswitches. It's the german version!

2. Walkthrough

Package (German!) This missionguide leads you through the 30 missions of the campaign written by Dirk Landenegger in german.

3. Themes

Windows This package holds a complete theme for Win95, Win98. That includes some icons, cursors and sounds for your windows desktop.

Package This M.A.X. bonus pack contains some background pictures, icons and sounds for your windows desktop.

Package The icon package includes 23 mobile units from M.A.X. by Sebastian.

4. Extratools

Windows This package is brought to you by Sal. The major part is from the russischen maxclub. There are tools like extractor for *.wrl and *.res from M.A.X. and M.A.X.2.

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