Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded


From the manual:
All units in MAXR are the same but unlike in other games you can upgrade each unit absolutly individually. Make sure to counter your enemys technical advances in time before they outrun you with their researches depending on their current strategy.

To achieve your goals a huge fleet with various vehicles is offered to you. You won't need all - it's up to you what you actually want or need. Vehicles don't get out of fashion since it's up to you whether and what you upgrade. Go for long range missiles destroying your enemys before they can even see you or take off to the skies and force your opponents into defence with the most powerful bombers ever.

The units are seperated in three classes and their types.
Click on a type to open the belonging detailed information sheets.


From the manual:
Here is something special for MAXR. Each building has to be connected to at least a power source to work. To connect buildings you have to build connectors. A connector can be considered as a big pipe allowing materials, fuel, energy and even gold to flow. Only buildings connected to other buildings can receive things they need to function proper.

The buildings are seperated in the following categories
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