Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded

M.A.X.R. Defence Turrets

Stationary, long-range radar. Longer-range units like missile launchers and artillery cannot fire on what thay cannot see, so it's important to have a scanner or radar nearby.
ArmorArmor 8 CargoTurns Cargo Costs18
HitpointsHitpoints24 (to build) 6   

Anti Aircraft
Low caliber, high speed anti aircraft cannon. Anti aircraft make short work of planes, but cannot attack ground units.
AttackAttack16 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition20
ShotsShots2 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor8
RangeRange8 CargoCosts12   

Gun Turret
Heavily armored stationary gun turret. Gun turrets have good firepower, heavy armor, and moderate range. Because they take little time to build, they are a good choice when you need defense in a hurry.
AttackAttack16 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition14
ShotsShots2 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor12
RangeRange6 CargoCosts8   

High powered stationary gun. Artillery is a compromise between the cheap, rugged gun turret and the expensive, long-range missile turret.
AttackAttack18 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition16
ShotsShots2 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor9
RangeRange8 CargoCosts16   

Missile Launcher
Long-range missile launcher on a fixed mount. Exellent range and firepower, but only slightly more armor than the mobile version. Best surrounded by gun turrets and anti aircraft.
AttackAttack28 HitpointsHitpoints24 MunitionMunition10
ShotsShots1 ScanScan4 ArmorArmor6
RangeRange11 CargoCosts22   

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