Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded

Frequently Asked Questions


Question I can't do anything after I started a game.
Information Read manual.pdf and make sure to bag a pioneer and a constructor.

Question I've no sound. What's wrong?
Information There is no sound. Use Resinstaller and an original MAX CD for sound/gfx/music/videos.

Question I dislike the new look of the units. Can I load the original graphics?
Information See above.

Question I don't have a MAX CD but I want the original graphics and sounds too!
Information Well, there's always ebay isn't it? We can't encourage piracy, sorry. You may however download an incomplete version from cdosabadonware (stripped videos, music).

Question I don't like the mouse controls.
Information Locate keys.xml and change <MOUSE_STYLE Text="MODERN"/> to OLD_SCHOOL or vice versa.

Question I'm playing now for hours but can't find my enemy.
Information There is no AI. Singleplayer is only for testing.

Question I can't load units into my transport plane. Bug?
Information Unlike original MAX the plane has to hover exactly over the unit you want to load.

Question How to do screenshots?
Information ALT+C drops a screenshot in the game's root directory or in ~/.maxr

Question I don't like this game at all. I always lose.
Information Try CounterStrike instead.

Network Games

Question I don't see any servers in the multiplayer menu. What's wrong?
Information There is no game lobby. Search players on the chat/bbs or ask your friends.

Question What's the default port for MAXR to forward on my router?
Information Default port is 58600. You only need to forward as host/server!

Question Ok, I want to host but my friends can't connect to my game.
Information Make sure that you forward the right port and that you hit the button "Start Host". A message that the server is now running appears.

Question I see "Waiting for other players" but nothing happens.
Information Wait. Some players need a lot of time to bag their stuff.

Question How can I chat ingame? Enter issues a turn end!
Information Use Tab to chat or the chat button on the left.

Question Is there voice/video chat?
Information No.

Question Turn ended early before the countdown reached zero!
Information Turn ends immediately when all players issued turn end.

Question How can I check who finished his turn yet?
Information Use the "P"-button beside minimap or enter /players on

Question A player lost connection to the server. What to do?
Information Wait until he rejoins or times out. There's autosafe. There's /disconnect. There's /kick

Configuration and startup

Question Ok, I like this but I don't speak english so good..
Information Check whether a translation is available for you and change the languagecode in your max.xml - if no translation exists consider writing one.

Question Where's my max.xml config file?
Information On linux-type systems usually in ~/.maxr - on others in the game root directory. Make sure to disable the hiding of known file endings on windows.

Question MAXR doesn't start!
Information Check the maxr.log for details. (found in ~/.maxr on linux)

Question MAXR complains about missing dll/so
Information You need the SDL libs including SDL_net and SDL_mixer for your system. See INSTALL for details.

Question MAXR can't find it's gamedata on Linux.
Information Set MAXRDATA (MAXRDATA=/path/to/maxr/datadir maxr) and check max.xml

Question Resinstaller doesn't work on Linux. It complains about invalid path to maxr data but my path is correct!
Information This is fixed in GIT and a design error of resinstaller <= 0.4. The installer searches "max.xml" in the data dir. Simply "touch max.xml" in the data folder to create a dummy file. You can remove it after the resinstaller has done it's magic.

Question MAXR crashed!
Information Please fill a bug report and attach your maxr.log and net.log and perhaps a safe game zipped.

Help developing

Question What's that GIT some people play with or talk about?
Information GIT is our version control system. We do a lot of test games and provide latest developer versions built fresh from GIT before a test game is about to start on the Discord chat. You can also build your own binary from GIT.

Question Ok, I want to play with this GIT version thingy.
Information Drop by on the Discord and ask for the latest version. Eiko usually provides the EXE including a crash handler that sends us the crash log by mail. Help us debugging while playing with the GIT version and enjoy new features before the others do.

Question I want to help but I can't code
Information We're looking for any kind of help. Translators, soundartists, community helpers. You can also donate a few bucks and help us keeping the webserver running or just spread the word Wink

Question Ok, I want to donate but I don't like PayPal
Information If you're from gemany you can also donate with EC. Please query BekoPharm about that. We also take beer or coffee.

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