Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded



Manual.pdf Download the manual as PDF


Startoptionen and gamesettings are configured in MAX.XML. To change
settings simply open the file in a texteditor (not word!) or change
settings ingame (not all options are offered ingame however).


F1        Go to event
F2        Remove disconnected player (server only)
F5-F8        jump to saved position
Alt+F5-F8    save screen position
Alt+C        Make screenshot
Arrows        Scroll
+/-         Zoom
Enter        Turn End
Tab        Chat
n        fog on/off
g        grid on/off
s        scan on/off or stop or start or sentry or steal
r        range on/off or reload or repair or research menu
m        munition on/off
t        hitpoints on/off
f        color on/off
p        status on/off
h        survey on/off or info menu
n        shild on/off
f        center selected unit
a        attack or automove or activate
b        build menu
x        xfer menu
c        clear or clear mine
l        load or lay mine
d        disable or distribution menu or destroy
u        upgrade
LShift        [*not working*] calculate path (but don't move)
ESC        end game


In-game console (TAB or chat-button) offers a variet of commands:

/base [server/client/off] shows the informations of the client or the server(only available on the host) to basecamps
/sentry [server/off] shows covered areas by unity on sentry
/fx [on/off] shows additional information to special effects
/trace [server/client/off] shows additional information of the client or the server(only available on the host) about current field
/ajobs [on/off] shows additional information about attackjobs
/players [on/off] shows additional information about all players in the game
/resync [id]     resyncs all units of the player with the overgiven number or all players if no number was set.
/kick [id] removes a player from the game.
/disconnect [id] closes connection to a player and starts waiting for reconnection.
/deadline <seconds> sets deadline for turnend to given seconds
/fps [on/off] shows frames per second
/com [on/off] [*not working*] shows network traffic (multiplayer)
/log [on/off] [*not working*] creats a logfile by engine
/[show/hide] log [*not working*] shows log (if active)
/ping [*not working*] checks connectivity in multiplayer

Next commands are considered as cheats and will show up in gamechat

/survey shows all mapresources (only in singleplayer or on the host)
/color [0-7] sets new color for active player
/fog off disabled fog for a short period
/credits [*not working*] player gets +1000 credits
/kill [x] [y] [*not working*] kills whatever is on position x,y
/god off [*not working*] creates a godless world
/load [*not working*] reloads active unit

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