Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded



It is possible to set the resolution in max.xml however you should keep in mind that all menus and displays are designed for 640x480. If you choose a resolution not offered in our settings dialog you may experience odd graphical problems.


If you experience problems with soundquality (especially on WinXP) you may increase the chunksize in MAX.XML. Default is 1024 and 2205Hz. Next proper value is 2048 or 4096. If you increasing frequency you have to increase the chunksize, too. However inceasing frequency has only a small benefit to the backgroundmusic.

On linux make sure that no soundserver blocks your soundcard from being accessed if your SDL installation doesn't know how to connect to your soundserver. This is the case when maxr seems to hang when the splash finished loading everything and seems to be stucked.


The orignal maps are 100% compatible.

Known Bugs:

Many. There is no AI! This is one of the first releases featuring network games using TCP/IP. Expect and report crashes (with backtrace if possible) and odd behaivors. Some features that may have worked in prior releases are disabled. For more known and/or fixed bugs please visit our bugtracker.

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