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Subject: Map Random Generator;
Here is a list of random map generators for M.A.X. , MAxGold and maxr.
The Russian max community created some neat tools
For download go here and here through the Google translator

Basically they are two versions ->

One from Artlav and one from Barloggg
(Of course there are Mapeditors too! check out "Map Editor for MAX 1.0 by - Peter (550Kb, zip)")

Every file I show here is from !

Random maps for MAX, MaksGold and MMA (28/2/08)

M.A.X. Map generator by Barloggg
click for larger picture


Very nice random map generator. You have plenty of options to create a map; a map viewer, 3d preview mode- even a hand-draw mode.
You need the Generator itself and the title sets for it too. This one can create WRLs for the original MAX which you can use for maxr!

Copy&Paste links


Maxgold Map randomiser by Artlav
click for larger picture

Also an incredible map random generator.This one can also create WRLs for the original MAX which you can use for maxr!
You can choose the map size! (224x224 and bigger are no problem ). You basically define the land,island, size and dense and GO
Damn good!

Download of the English version here

That's it so far Grinning
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