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Subject: Re: Topic of quotations (ENG only!)
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[18:20:37] <beko> alzi: could you please take a look at ? I won't be around this evening.
[18:21:10] <beko> hm.. nonsinn could do this too.

[19:04:23] <nonsinn> it seems there is a cat file since 4 dayz now
[19:04:24] <nonsinn>
[19:04:24] <@alzi> I think he already managed to copy the file by himself some time ago:
[19:04:31] <nonsinn> lol
[19:04:57] <@alzi> what a good timeing ^^
[19:05:12] <nonsinn> indeed
[19:17:35] <beko> gee, sorry Smiling

[15:23:19] nonsinn […] heißt nun bug-hunter
[19:58:09] Eiko_ […] heißt nun mother-of-bugs
[20:38:11] <bug-hunter> mother-of-bugs: …argh…
[20:38:26] <@mother-of-bugs> want some new bugs?