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Subject: Re: Map Random Generator;
I worked on our editor today and v0.2 is coming up:

I completely rewrote the classes to use a different approach and to get a clean schema. It no longer operates on binary data (WRL files) but imports WRL to a database resulting in a lot of faster operations because the map consists basically of numbers and images only. Both can now be cached and delivered to any WebGL enabled browser (that'd be any modern browser nowadays). It's very fast since any work is done on the client side and uses the GPU for rendering. The server is only needed to collect the data during saving and to generate the WRL file again when the map is done (or to be tested).

I updated the underlaying Three.js library to the latest version (that was quite some work) and ironed out some bugs that the first demo always had. For now I'm really happy with the work done.
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