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Subject: Re: Topic of quotations (ENG only!)
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[14:32:16] <Mechguest> Hi
[14:32:50] <Mechguest> Is gold research suppose to make thing more expensive to build?
[21:02:05] <beko> Mechguest: what version?
[11:15:06] <Mechguest> Sorry, forgot to come back to this before I went to sleep last night
[11:15:21] <Mechguest> maxr-0.2.8
[11:15:41] <Mechguest> for windows x86
[21:08:29] <beko> Mechguest: 0.2.8 is really old. You may consider a nightly build to experience new bugs. features. I mean features.

[15:23:19] nonsinn […] heißt nun bug-hunter
[19:58:09] Eiko_ […] heißt nun mother-of-bugs
[20:38:11] <bug-hunter> mother-of-bugs: …argh…
[20:38:26] <@mother-of-bugs> want some new bugs?