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Subject: Re: Topic of quotations (ENG only!)
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[04:47:09] GodRage [~GodRage@xxxxxxx] hat #maxr betreten
[04:47:09] <nonsinn> hello GodRage — best time to 'meet' us is around 4pm to 9pm (utc), … grab a tea? (that's a scripted msg)
[04:48:24] <GodRage> Que nenni! No tea!
[04:55:11] <nonsinn> hehe GodRage Smiling
[04:55:17] <GodRage> Tongue
[04:55:47] <GodRage> i can't drink tea, but why not a cup of water.
[04:55:56] <GodRage> xDDD
[04:56:22] <nonsinn> yeh that's why there is a ? at the end… everybody can pick what he want
[04:56:34] <GodRage> ohhh really? Grinning
[04:56:43] <GodRage> where is the fridge!? Grinning
[04:57:20] <nonsinn> go 2m ahead, turn right go straight for 20m turn right go 1.5m turn right, open the fridgedoor Wink
[04:57:20] GodRage open the fridge and take a cold water bottle.
[04:57:37] <nonsinn> huch happy that i was faster than u ^^
[04:57:41] <GodRage> Thanks Grinning
[04:57:46] <GodRage> :P
[04:57:48] <nonsinn> welcmome Grinning

[15:23:19] nonsinn […] heißt nun bug-hunter
[19:58:09] Eiko_ […] heißt nun mother-of-bugs
[20:38:11] <bug-hunter> mother-of-bugs: …argh…
[20:38:26] <@mother-of-bugs> want some new bugs?