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Subject: Re: Topic of quotations (ENG only!)
Quote by 2016-12-03 general blur-talk 'bout lake of gals playing maxR:

[12:11:39] <beko> well. soon as in maxrish 'soon'.
[12:11:51] <Stellar-> indeed:)
[12:12:18] <beko> no hurrys. or are you getting married and being with child? Tongue
[12:29:20] <Stellar-> But try explaining THAT to them Smiling
[12:30:11] <Stellar-> "honey i would live in 2 room apartment with a cat and eat biscuits if i could spend 12 hours per day doing what i like on pc "
[12:30:24] <Stellar-> no, it's not a conversation you want to start or continue
[12:45:52] <Folket> I think I miss some context here
[12:49:53] <beko> mhmhm.. probably some years of Stellar- chitchat as well Wink
[12:50:11] <Folket> could be
[17:12:36] Eiko [~Eiko@[…]] hat #maxr betreten
[17:41:59] <nonsinn> if we believe hard enough may Stellar- turns into the first maxR playing woman?
[17:42:59] <nonsinn> good thing would be that Stellaria could stop working… cause she has now time for "bathroom" "makeup" "shopping"…
[17:43:25] <@Eiko> w00t Grinning
[17:43:53] <nonsinn> oh he Eiko — you may have missed some context here
[17:49:13] <@Eiko> indeed Grinning

[15:23:19] nonsinn […] heißt nun bug-hunter
[19:58:09] Eiko_ […] heißt nun mother-of-bugs
[20:38:11] <bug-hunter> mother-of-bugs: …argh…
[20:38:26] <@mother-of-bugs> want some new bugs?