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Subject: Re: New buildings and others ideas
My images are PNG and not PCX. can it works with PNG? Smiling
Because my programs can't save in PCX! hahahaha.. even irfanview, it can open PCX but not save to PCX.. Undecided so it would be convenient Smiling

Can i also put some random images in the folder?
Something like... the wing of vongriffin's logo, some SVG versions (some logos can be properly displayed in svg :D)
Can i also put others clans files (just logo+mining stations)?
Could i also add others images ?
Such as for exemple.
Can i put my own organisation in my folder? (can i have a folder? :D)
Or do i must let all the images in the same folder? Laughing

Hmmm i uploaded images, tried a merge request somewhere but i think i did wrong. Smiling
Check out my M.A.X. page. Wink