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Subject: Re: MAX Hobby project
It's just a baby project, without a name / homepage Grinning

At some point I am hoping to split off my code and make a commercially viable product which will have a name and all the works. While I make the MAX version work enough for me to play Wink

But this was just something I always wanted was to have a better MAX with working AI that doesn't crash at high turns. Which is also why I limited my time on the models. Because it's just for me and my dad who also became a MAX fan. Since I know the game type so well it seemed an ideal project to start with.

There are times when I regret picking a TBS style strategy game as my project because I didn't realize how complicated it will get. There's many ppl all over the web who say A.I. for such games is certainly not for the beginner. I guess I'm a little crazy Grinning