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Subject: Re: User interface (1080p and above)
Quote by Eiko:
Hi WittZi,

If you upload the edited files, I'll integrate them into maxr Happy

That would be great, thank you Eiko! I've attached the file here. I originally did two sets; 1080p (as it was likely what most people used), then 2k as that's what I wanted. However, I realised that 2k works just as well when playing 1080p anyway! So I've uploaded the 2k set as they actually seem to suit all resolutions. I was going to do 4k, but I think MAX in 4k might look too weird!

Thanks again for explaining where the files were and apologies that they are not perfect. I still think they make the UI look a little nicer at higher resolutions though so that's at least a start. Happy

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