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Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices
Grinning UPDATE! (v10.0)



Scripting API doc:

Finally. Wink I'm very pround to finally rease a feature that I was working on for more than 1 year! It was really long road and I am very happy to show you the results!

+ Added AI
+ Added Singleplayer Scenarios
+ Added damage numbers to attack menu
+ Added unit path map for enemy units (should not respect gasoline and units in fog!)
+ Fixed panel bug
+ Fixed crash with landmine
+ Fixed bug with fog of war on fast replay
+ Fixed bug with exploding buildings under planes
+ Fixed bug with target highlighting ovrlay that did not appear sometimes
+ Surveyor is always available
+ Improved replay tracking by keeping tracking state after user did minor action
+ Remove unit from map instantly fixes logic bugs in replay
+ A lot of minor main menu improvements

Few words about AI. So:

0. AI cannot build complex and cannot play in custom game. So sad. It (He?) can kill your complex, can use turrets. He cannot build/research/upgrade and so on. Looking forward to add it in future, steb by step.

1. He still cannot capitulate. Its not a problem and hopefully will be added soon.

2. He cannot use tools, such as repare/rearm/refuel. If you play with gasoline enabled, it will refuel his units on-the-fly. This can give him some advantage in scenarios with enabled gasoline. Playing with gasoline he will consider refuling units with little bit higher priority, with expensive tools - with much higher Laughing

3. He cannot use stealth units. In future I will add disabling ability, but for now it is not implemented. If you will disable/steal his unit, he will try to find your infiltrator and kill it ofcourse.

4. He cannot use transports and depots but he will consider such units with little bit higher priority.

5. Mines. He cannot use and do not search for mines. If he will accidentally found it - he will kill it.

6. He don't care about Low priority units. Road, Connector, Bridge, Platform - he doesn't care.

Scripting API doc explain details about how to write your own scenarios and publish it to the community. We have a chat about scenarios where you can ask any questions and show your scenarios to community.

Happy Christmas everyone!
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