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Subject: Re: M.A.X 2 Data Extractor
No update for some time, but after sudden moment of clarity (and Fallout 2 modding website) I've managed to crack the audio format that type 8 assets are using, producing audible mp3 files from MAX2 sources. Wink

Turns out type 8 assets are metadata + ACM encoded audio. ACM is proprietary audio format created by Interplay ages ago and used by many of their games, Fallouts and Planescape Torment being most famous ones.

So simplest way to convert this file to something useful is to read length of the ACM data stored on first 4 bytes of the file, then trim the file to number of bytes read from fourst 4 bytes, starting from end of the file. This will produce the ACM file that then can be converted to any format you like using the FFMPEG and specifying the "interplayacm" as input. Smiling