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Subject: Re: Native english speaker needed for text validation on intro text
I just found this topic (thanks to beko on Discord ^^), avec 7 years of hide and seek. Grinning

Amazing design Surprised ! In love
And it will be a short animation movie !? Embarrassing That's even cooler !
The design being some sort of "drawing style" but not "cartoon style", it's very good. Smiling
People usually tend to want "too much realistic design" for Science-Fiction related things... But wait, Science Fiction and Fantasy has a deep link: imagination. And, imagination is not something "real", it's in the mind. So, draw it colorfully! Grinning

Anyway, i want some wallpapers from this short movie. Smiling
The space ship also is fancy. Smiling
It should have take your months or years to make this alone from scratch. Smiling

I hope the translation can be checked by 2-3 different native english speakers before 2020. Smiling

edit: I'm not native English, but i would like to not forget the "speech pauses/rythm":
The result was the MAX Commander. => The result, was the MAX Commander.

English intro:
Deutsch intro:
Check out my M.A.X. page. Wink
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