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Subject: Re: New buildings and others ideas
Quote by fyzzo:
The second one has a very ... phallic nature Grinning
Maybe this is why it is an hidden clan. Laughing

From my original files ( ), logos in 80x80 pixels (png), i made 74x74 pixel logos (pcx) needed for MAXR:

You can see that the Von Griffin logo is different from the one used on the Mining Station; i had to reduce the size of the design to fit it in 74 pixels, so, the back wing is less distant, and the eye is smaller.
(I just had to resize some logos for the mining station, but it's all same proportions.)

The png files showed in this topic, and its linked pcx files can be downloaded here:

If you have any suggestion, total rework request, etc... Please let me know! <3
Check out my M.A.X. page. Wink
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