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Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices
New Update! ( I stole this from FB!)
🔥UPDATE! (v13.0) 🔥



- 🔥Added skip player feature that was announced before. If player is not active for more then 3 days - one of next players will be able to skip him. Players can skip multiple players at one time.
- Added Polish language
- Added Português language
- Added support for MacOS Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse gestures
- New game interface
- New local game screen: Now you can play any scenario from community, you will find them on "ALL SCENARIOS" tab
- New Skip to End button effect - now it skips 10 turns
- New resource map rendering
- New Assault gun sounds
- New Scout sounds
- New pathfinder implementation
- New uniset Localizations. To implement it add localizations key into root uniset object and object by language code, "en" for instance, inside of it. Text keys are <type>_name, <type>_name_short, <type>_description, <type>_short_description
- Refactored game logic
- Fixed statistics window in archived games
- Fixed crash when game closes
- Fixed bug with move points taking over to next turn

Stay home, play M.A.X.! 🥳

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- easy logic -
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