Ebs Apr 23, 2018 11:46 am
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

Hi All! First post here on the MAXR forums! I have over the past few years been keeping an eye on MAXR, as i'm a massive fan of the original game, having bought my first home computer in 1996 to play MAX. Still have my original game CD in my CD draw next to me.

Anyway, to the point! I read up on MAX Touch last night and thought that would be amazing on my iPad, but having read through these forum posts its only available on jailbroken devices? I also have an old Nexus 7 I don't use which is rooted, so is installing it on the rooted Nexus 7 an option if I can't install it on my iPad?

Many thanks! Ebs Cool

.GodRage May 01, 2018 10:15 pm
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

It works on regular Android devices, just install the apk.
I didn't know you need to jailbreak your iphone/ipad to play Max Touch. xD

Ebs May 11, 2018 11:19 am
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

Hay GR,

Did that and it worked great, don't know why I didn't think about that earlier! Grinning

I have to say the guys who work on MAX Touch have done a fantastic job, its very fluid and easy to use and works very well on my old 2012 Nexus 7 (With a fresh install of Xenon HD and a few other bits to make the usually very slow N7 a bit faster).

I just wish the AI was working/implemented in the 9.1-205 build I've installed. Any idea if there is a more recent version somewhere, or when we can expect AI players to be implemented?

I know its been mentioned earlier, but I did also run across the not being able to build connectors issue. And couldn't adjust the mining stations output levels?

Thanks again,

.GodRage May 14, 2018 2:10 pm
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

You have the last version.
In fact you can't play games with older versions. Wink
Mining station will extract all the ressources from the underground, nothing to adjust here. Wink (no limit in materials extracted ^^)
AI was planed, and probably still planed, but seems it's a long work. Wink

KatekovAnton Jul 03, 2018 4:36 am
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

Hey. We are still alive.

I have some ideas about new graphics, please contact me if you can help. With new graphics and sounds we will be able to push it to the stores!

We have a discord channel btw:

KatekovAnton Jul 08, 2018 9:51 am
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

I have some progress in AI, check it!



KatekovAnton Dec 29, 2018 5:06 pm
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

Grinning UPDATE! (v10.0)



Scripting API doc:

Finally. Wink I'm very pround to finally rease a feature that I was working on for more than 1 year! It was really long road and I am very happy to show you the results!

+ Added AI
+ Added Singleplayer Scenarios
+ Added damage numbers to attack menu
+ Added unit path map for enemy units (should not respect gasoline and units in fog!)
+ Fixed panel bug
+ Fixed crash with landmine
+ Fixed bug with fog of war on fast replay
+ Fixed bug with exploding buildings under planes
+ Fixed bug with target highlighting ovrlay that did not appear sometimes
+ Surveyor is always available
+ Improved replay tracking by keeping tracking state after user did minor action
+ Remove unit from map instantly fixes logic bugs in replay
+ A lot of minor main menu improvements

Few words about AI. So:

0. AI cannot build complex and cannot play in custom game. So sad. It (He?) can kill your complex, can use turrets. He cannot build/research/upgrade and so on. Looking forward to add it in future, steb by step.

1. He still cannot capitulate. Its not a problem and hopefully will be added soon.

2. He cannot use tools, such as repare/rearm/refuel. If you play with gasoline enabled, it will refuel his units on-the-fly. This can give him some advantage in scenarios with enabled gasoline. Playing with gasoline he will consider refuling units with little bit higher priority, with expensive tools - with much higher Laughing

3. He cannot use stealth units. In future I will add disabling ability, but for now it is not implemented. If you will disable/steal his unit, he will try to find your infiltrator and kill it ofcourse.

4. He cannot use transports and depots but he will consider such units with little bit higher priority.

5. Mines. He cannot use and do not search for mines. If he will accidentally found it - he will kill it.

6. He don't care about Low priority units. Road, Connector, Bridge, Platform - he doesn't care.

Scripting API doc explain details about how to write your own scenarios and publish it to the community. We have a chat about scenarios where you can ask any questions and show your scenarios to community.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Sal Dec 29, 2018 6:05 pm
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

Awesome update!

Will ever simultaneous mode come? Grinning
Thanks for all the hard work to the devs and come healthy in the new year.

Yours truly, sal

KatekovAnton Dec 29, 2018 6:08 pm
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

I would like to have sims but overall its not possible now... Requires huge work. Maybe you cab join and help Smiling

Sal Apr 28, 2020 8:47 am
Subject: Re: MAX Touch for iOS and Android devices

New Update! ( I stole this from FB!)
🔥UPDATE! (v13.0) 🔥



- 🔥Added skip player feature that was announced before. If player is not active for more then 3 days - one of next players will be able to skip him. Players can skip multiple players at one time.
- Added Polish language
- Added Português language
- Added support for MacOS Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse gestures
- New game interface
- New local game screen: Now you can play any scenario from community, you will find them on "ALL SCENARIOS" tab
- New Skip to End button effect - now it skips 10 turns
- New resource map rendering
- New Assault gun sounds
- New Scout sounds
- New pathfinder implementation
- New uniset Localizations. To implement it add localizations key into root uniset object and object by language code, "en" for instance, inside of it. Text keys are <type>_name, <type>_name_short, <type>_description, <type>_short_description
- Refactored game logic
- Fixed statistics window in archived games
- Fixed crash when game closes
- Fixed bug with move points taking over to next turn

Stay home, play M.A.X.! 🥳
95013902_683072762237875_211292324875993088_o.jpg (Filesize: 145.15 KB)