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Subject: Multiple Players on same computer
I have loved playing MAX and MAX2 since they came out. I do not have the time and physical stamina to play for hours at a time. So I play against the AI. Could you put in an option where all players would be on the same machine, each making all of their moves like in single player mode against the computer. In this mode the computer is merely the score keeper and master controller of the playing field. The computer would return fire (from a nonactive players piece) if it was not in manual mode and was threatened. It would monitor line of sight and FOG of war.

I have been flow charting an AI and this feature would allow me to test the decision paths and variables for having an effective enjoyable game against one or more opponents who potentially could win depending on the effectiveness of the attacker and the defender.
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Subject: Re: Multiple Players on same computer
Hi and welcome to the board!
I'm sorry, but I didn't fully understand your suggestion. Is what you are requesting not something like the "Hot Seat" game mode? Or what is the difference to the classic "Hot Seat" mode?
What do you mean by you have "flow charted" an AI? Could you elaborate a little bit? This sounds interesting!
Paul Grathwohl (pagra)
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