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Subject: Change in registration - needed texts for Clans
While this is started in GER 'Änderung bei der Registrierung - Texte für Clans gebraucht' we are trying to write some history stuff for every clan. But we need some support… if you are able to write a nice history for one/all clans, so please feel free to help us Smiling . The latest DRAFT.

Even though Fyzzo said he isn't a story write, he shared an approach with us. Furthermore he had have the idea, to write the history with the stuff out of the campaign from original M.A.X..

Additional note by *google-translator*:
The Axis Inc. is somehow the only clan who identifies himself as a company, so you can contribute directly to revenue, profit and growth as a motivation. The bonuses are caused when they have specifically focused on the development of its main factories and these optimized. In addition, they include other construction vehicles, all so that the company can grow as fast as possible.

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Subject: Re: Change in registration - needed texts for Clans
Yea the Axis Inc. is the only one which isn't in any Mission I guess, so I tried to make a little approach there. Google Translator f*cked it up, but I think you can see what the idea was ^^
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