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#1 May 06, 2017 11:52 am
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Subject: MAX Touch
Hi everybody,

(not sure if allowed here, but I think we are all enthusiast of MAX Smiling )

A group of MAX enthusiasts has developed of version of the original MAX game usable on mobile devices (and also on PC).

It is in beta status, but well playable. At the moment its distributed via a Facebook page:

I'd love to see some active players. Anyone wants to play a match? Smiling

Best regards,
Chadov (from Germany)
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#2 Jun 07, 2017 6:17 am
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Subject: Re: MAX Touch
I also play it Smiling
I think there is no problem as the "time" is different: with MAXR you must be online at the same moment, but with Max Touch, it's turn by tun only and make people like me (not actually in europe) being able to play couple of turns everyday with european players. Smiling
And if MaxTouch players join this forum it's also good for MAXR, I think. Smiling (more players! yeahhh, we will do tournaments!)
(ps: and there is a sticky topic on it: )

But I prefer their VK page: Grinning

Vollauvent also play it.
I joined all the open games, but very few started.
By the way, Chadov, did you give up on the "(113) Travka 3"? You didn't play your turn since some days, so if you want to give up, please push Capitulation! Laughing

I still didn't played a "real" 3+ players game. If you wanna try, join my games. Innocent
Check out my M.A.X. page. Wink
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