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#1 Jul 02, 2017 10:15 am
.GodRage .GodRage Offline
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Subject: New buildings and others ideas
Hi Smiling
I wanted to share some ideas I had while playing MAX, MAXR and MAX Touch. Smiling

Garage by Engineer (size 1x1), cost: 4 turns.
Built on a "steel/iron" underground, it will be able to repair/rearm X units by turn, where X is the number of material in the ground.

Underwater tower by Engineer,
a tower that must be built in water, and can attack only sea units. (range is such as the turret gun)

Movement detector by Engineer, cost: 12 turns, need 1 energy.
it will detect invisible units (spy, submarines, mines), scanning range of 4 (so 12 if fully upgraded with research and upgrades).

Teleportation building by Engineer (size 1x1), cost: 12 turns.
To teleport an unit from one Teleportation building to another, they must be connected (with connectors/building).
Must be built on a goldy underground to work. Smiling (and I would say that the maximum of teleported units/turn will depends on the number of gold there is in the ground)

Aircraft carrier 12 turns, can bring 12 materials (& 12 fuel if Fuel is active)
Can store 6 Fighters / Ground attack planes / AWAKS.
(should be 2*1 squares... lol ok I stop to dream. :P)

Clans: Units that can not be made with some clans, and some units that can be made only with a certain clan. (is it "difficult mode"? Laughing )
Kind of if you take the chosen (Air units clan), then you should have a slightly limited ground units... kind of no tanks or so...
But mahhh this could be hand-xml-modded if I remember words of Eiko. Smiling
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#2 Jul 04, 2017 2:27 pm
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Subject: Re: New buildings and others ideas
Some pretty ideas!
I like the water tower, teleportation building and the "hard" clan mode =D
Water tower and hard clan mode seem to be easy to implement, without loosing the core of MAX (and balance)
Teleportation building would be great for big maps or could be used if there were more games on one planet ( stand alone maps would be connected. maybe some kind of colonizing mode? )
Either way, nice adds o spice up the original M.A.X.
- easy logic -
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#3 Jul 10, 2017 1:22 pm
Eiko Eiko Offline
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Subject: Re: New buildings and others ideas
I like the ideas of the new units. Many of the functionality should already be possible with configuring it in the unit xmls. Some other unit behaviour shouldn't be too hard to implement. I think the biggest challenge for new untis: Creating new unit graphics! Wink
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#4 Jul 13, 2017 8:40 pm
beko beko Offline
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Subject: Re: New buildings and others ideas
Sprites are not the problem but a new flc converter would be needed Laughing
Bernd Kosmahl
"Sir, we are surrounded!" - "Great - we can attack in any direction."
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#5 Oct 07, 2017 10:00 am
.GodRage .GodRage Offline
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Subject: Re: New buildings and others ideas
Mximum population (first lines from Chat ^^)
<GodRage>to make the game balanced in engame with scouts/tanks/missiles...
<GodRage>we can just make a cost/turn for each one Tongue
<GodRage>or a "max units limit"
<GodRage>kind of 1000 units points is max.
<GodRage>scout is 2 points, missile is 150 points xD
<GodRage>hmmm i guess there was something like that in Warcraft3..
<GodRage>but in MAX, no limit is better... so, theses points should be not a maximum-units-limit, but maybe an efficiencity on the attackpower or range or speed..
<GodRage>Kind of, "Colons are not happy to see their childrens having only one future: MIssile crawler constructor. Range -30%"
<GodRage>lol! Grinning

But we can also put this limit into a new building, as any other game putted into buildings. (Habitations in Age of Empires)
However, I don't think adding such building would be fun!

In multiplayer, I know someone who, each turn, tells me "I forgot to move some units" or "I didn't have time to move all my units" and.. Yeah when we have 500 random units everywhere, each turn will take 10 minutes hahaha
Having a kind of "maximum units limitation" would make turns in multiplayer faster and funnier! ^^

But, hmmm the weight of each unit could be like the starting price of the unit (after bonus clans, but before any Research Center bonus).

2 ways of limitation :
1/ "hard limit" 300 units points max : scout is 3, crawler is 12, so you can have 100 scouts, or 20 missiles crawlers. the fight seems already a little more fair :P
2/ "cost limit" each turn, you pay your points with gold : " points / 60 gold " : 60 missiles = 720pts, /60 = 12. 12 gold per turns for just some Kim's toys. Grinning

I think the "hard limit" is much more fair and fun. It was the case in Age of Empires 2 and it was pretty efficient, I remember everybody planning on some specific amount of each one... Grinning that was putting intererst in little units too !
because, if the limit is 300, so you can get 20 missiles crawlers, but if you loose some, it would be long to build another. (but we can store extra units in Depots! :DDD yeyyyyy) while the scout, each turn you put another one on the ground Grinning

Mahh you got the idea. Wink
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#6 Oct 07, 2017 11:45 am
.GodRage .GodRage Offline
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Subject: Re: New buildings and others ideas
And so, if ou are at the max limit but you want one more constructor, then you will need to deactivate one or some units. Grinning
And players will let some units on the land such as Aliens did! Laughing
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