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Subject: Re: 3D Models
Quote by Sal:
If I might add, I really enjoy your work and site GodRage. Cheers!
Wahhhh thank you so much Sal Smiling Each time i hear kind words about my stuff, it give me more power to do more. Grinning Speed Speed Speed
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Subject: Re: 3D Models
Quote by beko:
Quote by WittZi:

1. Would this annoy anyone (that has contributed artwork for example)?
That's mostly me and no I'd not be annoyed. I made this with my poor skills because no one else was around.
Quote by WittZi:

2. Are there people with skills in 3D Max, etc. that could use models?
We do have all the unit files as 3D models. It's mostly about proper rendering.
Quote by WittZi:

3. Is there capacity within the team to actually do it?
Hell no. Keshm started to make new very great looking renders but disappeared before finishing all. He also never pushed anything to the repo so no render actually made it into the game. This happens often sadly. He probably lost interest or sth. Not complaining here since he wasn't payed or sth Smiling

Thanks Beko (and everyone) and sorry for the slow reply. I don't know why, but my email didn't alert me to all the new responses!

There's clearly some awesome stuff going on; both the original renders and the work that Draydak has done! I didn't mean to use the models as true 3D, but pre-renders in much the same way that Beko did for his original artwork. I also remember all the work that Keshm did a while ago with those renders, so that's a shame that life got in the way for him!
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