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#1 Mar 18, 2018 10:10 pm
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Subject: unit_rescale mod status

I am bending MAXr code to make some features I wanted to make for quite a long time. Long story short: modding suport is practically here.

Long story long. Month ago I've got an idea to make a rescale for all MAX units. Just because I do not feel like the 'density' of original units is right, and because I can. So the proposal:
  • make all heavy units 3x3 tiles
  • make all light units 2x2 tiles. So light units have 2/3 size of heavy one
  • Infantry and landmines should have the same 1x1 size.
  • Make all buildings x3 larger. Generator is 3x3, large buildings are 6x6.

After a month of wrathful refactoring, it looks like:

That 'small' change in units' stats caused me to flip over half of the game engine to make it work properly. Though I am still pretty far away from completion of my mod, there is some interesting stuff I've added to the game during this process:
  • Mods support. There is a folder ~/data/mods. You can specify mod name in command line for maxr executable. Resource loader will visit this folder and override all the initial stuff. Multiple mods are allowed as well.
  • embarcation rules are described in clan's XML entries instead of being hardcoded. You can specify initial units and initial layout of the base. Vision guys can get an extra radar, mushashi can get a bunch of tanks.
  • Overall XML structure for game data is changed. vehicles.xml and buildings.xml now only has lines like <include directory=... />
  • reworked XML description for unit's graphics. Now all graphics is in the same place as data for units. The sprite engine is reworked as well. It's a separate story

Right now I haven't finished with reimplementing logic for wrecs/rubble. It is broken right now, and no wrecs are generated. I hope to finish it soon, and to make a pull request.

Where is this stuff? There.

Thumbnails of attached images:
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#2 Mar 21, 2018 7:34 pm
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Subject: Re: unit_rescale mod status
This sounds interesting. Smiling
will it rescale original MAX graphics aswell? Grinning
Check out my M.A.X. page. Wink
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#3 Mar 22, 2018 8:35 am
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Subject: Re: unit_rescale mod status
Yep, it works the same for original graphics already. The only exception are the sprites for building process. They were designed for constructor 1x1 building stuff 2x2. We have to do something serious to allow constructor 2x2 build something 3x3. But we've got an idea how to deal with this.

Update: wreckages are generated again. Also I've fixed some new graphic glitches.
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