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Subject: Give your images to MAXR
1. Starting !
Go to:
Login / create account.
(if you can"t create an account, you shall contact beko)

2. Forking
Click on "Explore pojects" tab.
Click on "maxr / maxr"
Click on "Fork"
Under "Select a namespace to fork the project" click on your name.
You see "Forking in progress", wait.

3. Upload your image
Navigate to the folder for your image.
Click to replace (on right side of the image you want to replace)
Upload your file, click to "Replace file" button

You can repeat "3." for all your images.
Once all your images are uploaded:

4. Merge
Menu on the left : "Merge request"
Button : "New merge request"
Select source branch : "develop"
Push button: "Compare branches and continue"
Write a description if you want.
Then push button: "Submit merge request"
Done !
(you are now in maxr project, not your own project)
Your file is now pending approvation from the MAXR team. Wink

No worries into breaking anything, because everything can be roll back. Wink

If you want to upload another file, go back to your project first, then do the "3." Wink

Be sure that...
Background color is: FF00FF
Image size is same as original.

5. To update your project (when it's old)
Settings > Gerenal > bottom of the page : button "Remove project"
Write "maxr" to confirm.
Refresh page.
Go to:
Top left corner : Projects > Explore projects
Then go to "2. Forking" of this text file.
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Subject: Re: Give your images to MAXR
And thanks to beko for his help. Without him, couldn't make this "step by step" text. Smiling
Check out my M.A.X. page. Range
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