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Subject: MAXR 0.2.11 Release
MAXR 0.2.11 Release

We're happy to announce MAXR 0.2.11 with many new features and bugfixes.

1. Releases

AmigaOS Amiga OS4 (lha) -- No (not yet) Question maxr-0.2.4 No (not yet)
Mac OSX >= 10.4 (dmg) Yes maxr-0.2.8 -- -- --
Tux Source (tar.gz) Yes maxr-0.2.11
Yes resinstaller-0.2.9
-- -- Yes maxr-0.2.9
Yes resinstaller-0.2.9
Windows Windows (exe) -- Yes maxr-0.2.11 -- No (not yet)

If it is not there you may help us and create the missing package!


Package manual.pdf
Search Frequently Asked Questions


If maxr fails to start maxr.log is a good place to start. If you're stucked it might be a good idea to take a look at the manual. Please report crashes, bugs, odd behaivors or differences to the original game on the Bugtracker.
Hint: Drop by on the Discord to find other players. There is no game lobby or some sort of master server. MAXR is a standalone application and you have to find other players the old way. Ask your friends, on the Discord or even on the bbs. Remember about timezones when you party.

Make sure to check the manual for hotkeys and ingame commands.

Quote by ChangeLog:

Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded 0.2.11
-requires C++17 compilers
-fix crash when not enough place for initial resources placement.
-fix map initialization for multi-player.
-disable shortcut for locked button.
-key combination/sequence (Use COMMA/PLUS for special key '+'/','; fix case with 3+ items).
-add dated state for unit status string.
-display resource capacity for unit in transporter
-handle storedUnits for casualties report and unit list report.
-building stops sentry.
-allow to have preview path (Shift+Left-Mouse-Button).
-don't show unit's price in upgrade refinery.
-In cWindowLandingUnitSelection, hide price for non-buyable units. markAsInsufficient items when needed.
-add button to re-show the intro.
-fix cMouseModeEnter::canExecuteAction when transporter is at same place at utility building (connector/road/platform).
-landed planes blocks ground.
-draw also neutral(alien) units on minimap.
-show scene before game start (for solo game).
-unit version ("MK X") changes when upgrade is "used", not changed.
-update display when unit version changes.
-report alien detected.
-handle plural for some translations.

Many many thanks to all the coders, artists, nightly build players, packagers that made this release possible Respect
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Subject: Re: News: Announcement: MAXR 0.2.11 Release
Awesome! Looks like many nice fixes Smiling

Thanks for the hard work!
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Subject: Re: MAXR 0.2.11 Release
Good to see updates! In love
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